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Lon Koenig Games is:
Lon Koenig - C.E.O., Lead Designer
Michael Tshimperle - Creative Director
David Rust - Words and Research

November 11: Online Ordering
We have online ordering working! The good folks at Kagi are handling the transactions.
November 8: Inquest Magazine
The December 1997 issue of Inquest Magazine covers all the good stuff they found at GenCon. Archetypes Storytelling Cards make their appearance on page 92. You can see the some of the Lon Koenig Games staff on page 50.
September 2: Server Moving
Lon has a new job, so the web/ftp/mail server had to move. Everything went smoothly and we were offline for less than 12 hours.
August 7-10: GenCon!
Sales were very slow, but interest was high. We've started setting up relationships with distributors and stores.
August 4: Product Arrives.
We took delivery of the first 2000 decks in time for our trip to GenCon.
August 2: Card descriptions complete:
All the text for the card descriptions has been written and has been incorporated into the web site "meditations."
August 1: Card Face Press Check:
It was a long, painful night but the card faces have been printed and look awesome.
July 29: Press-kit packages arrive:
The bags for the press-kits and the volunteer's packages have arrived.
July 28: Booth is here!
We have received the booth. It looks great!
July 19: Booth Design Finished
The booth design for GenCon has been completed. It will go to the printer on Monday.
July 15: Card Artwork Complete!
Series I cards were laid out and sent to the printer. We should be able to start selling decks the first week in August.
March 1: GenCon is Official!
Archetypes will be in booth 336 at the GEN CON Game Faire.
Booth 336 is located near the left food court (As you enter the Exhibit Hall).

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