Simple Character Description - "Faces"

Demeanor: How the world sees this character
The Smith
The Smith (Reversed) Overcoming obstacles, pride in craftsmanship
Basic Interpretation:
Persistence, mastery and strength of will are the solid groundings of the Smith. Like water shaping rock, the Smith employs weak and fallible flesh to forge and shape steel itself. Objects or even lives of great importance, beauty and duration can be forged by skill and time where raw power is lacking.
Nature: How this character sees themself
The Beast
The Beast (Reversed) Indulged desire, expressed feelings, honest expression
Basic Interpretation:
The battle against the Beast takes place not on a bloody plain but in the heart and mind. The Beast represents inner callings and urges. Although often denied, desires and feelings effect outward actions.
Character Suggestions: A smith, a lobbyist, a stonemason.

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