Simple Character Description - "Faces"

Demeanor: How the world sees this character
The Galleon
The Galleon Discovery, revelation, adventure, unveiling of the previously hidden
Basic Interpretation:
An engine of wonderment, the Galleon charts its course through the waters of adventure, discovery and imagination. This fantastic vessel can travel any medium to fulfill the desires for the unknown in all who would travel. The Galleon reveals hidden secrets by traveling to destinations unknown and leaves behind the quickened pulse of discovery.
Nature: How this character sees themself
Air (Reversed) Flighty, clouded, unbounded
Basic Interpretation:
The clear skies hold all the purity and dynamism of human thought. Air itself is the fundamental representative of intellect, thought, memory and wisdom. It is a fundamental force; without direction but able to be channeled by those who wish to focus its power. The winds of this card are always blowing, rarely seen and eternally present.
Character Suggestions: An explorer, a scientist, "free-thinker," an inventor, a storyteller, a sailor.

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