Simple Character Description - "Faces"

Demeanor: How the world sees this character
The Harvest
The Harvest (Reversed) Final effort, last step, remaining work before fruition
Basic Interpretation:
A woman in the fullness of pregnancy, holds the bounty of the fertile countryside. This is the Harvest; the time of reward for long work and dedication. It is the fullness of life, the happy reward and the richness of the season.
Nature: How this character sees themself
The Staff
The Staff Strength, support, assistance, aid, friend, external power
Basic Interpretation:
An old man wields his trusted Staff as if to fend of the very wind. It is his source of strength and power; his support in rough times and inclement weather. Through many years, the Staff has been at his side and in his hands; always able to support him in times of need.
Character Suggestions: A teacher, a farmer, a mother, a gardner.

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