Simple Character Description - "Faces"

Demeanor: How the world sees this character
The Deceiver
The Deceiver Deception, hidden antagonist, spy, gain through misdirection
Basic Interpretation:
Smiling and friendly, the Deceiver joyously sells his wares to an unsuspecting populace. The life he offers is soon to be exchanged with death as he glibly promises the moon and stars to the rubes who believe his every miraculous word. He is the last word in deceit; the loss one thought it was a gain.
Nature: How this character sees themself
The Widow
The Widow (Reversed) Grieving process, recovery from a serious loss
Basic Interpretation:
The Widow drapes mournfully over a grave, completely taken with the grief of her lost one. She holds a red rose; perhaps in memory of true love, perhaps as a reminder of what will never come again. This card indicates a loss. This could be a loved one's death, the theft of a cherished possession, or a loss of innocence.
Character Suggestions: The deception is not visible. Draw another card for the character's demeanor.

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