Object or Artifact

Physical Nature of this Object
The Alchemist
The Alchemist Profound change, elemental essence, Potential, Catalyst, agent of profound change
Basic Interpretation:
By use of his Science and arcane apparatus, the Alchemist changes the very nature of the matter he employs. The Alchemist is the agent of change - not a change in direction or appearance, but a profound change of elemental nature.
Aspect or History of this Object
The Roach
The Roach (Reversed) Unchangeable nature, denial
Basic Interpretation:
The unwanted brother of humanity has invited himself to the feast. The revelers despise the Roach's presence, but can do little to eliminate him. After all, does he not thrive on the same conditions and food as his unwilling hosts? This card represents unwanted side effects or an unchangeable nature.

Object Suggestions: Mortar & pestle, gems, a book, a potion.

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