Object or Artifact

Physical Nature of this Object
The Storyteller
The Storyteller Creativity, wisdom, experience, invention, awe
Basic Interpretation:
The Storyteller regales awed children with ancient tales of wonder and wisdom. It is her creative approach in revealing the old tales that summons images, conjures realities and changes the lives of those who hear.
Aspect or History of this Object
The Noble
The Noble Injustice, reward without merit, nepotism
Basic Interpretation:
The Noble sits upon a throne, basking in his riches and blind to the suffering of those who hold him where he is. He is unaware (or possibly unconcerned) with the price paid by others to maintain his unearned position and wealth. He simply feels entitled to his lofty lifestyle.

Object Suggestions: Books, tablets of lore, a campfire, a story.

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