Object or Artifact

Physical Nature of this Object
The Tempest
The Tempest Chaos, disorder, destruction, unopposable force, Nature reclaiming the land
Basic Interpretation:
A once-strong keep is ravaged and decimated by a raging Tempest/ The strongest creation of man is powerless before the forces of nature. The storm destroys ancient stones, fertile fields and everything in its path; the only thing it leaves is hope for a new dawn.
Aspect or History of this Object
The Dragon
The Dragon War, hatred, enemy, demonize, propaganda, destruction
Basic Interpretation:
The Dragon is the specter of war. Its blood is hatred and fear. Its wings sweep forward winds of violent assault. It is the Inciter, and the Hate-Monger.

Object Suggestions: Mirror fragment, seeds, a broken pot, a rusted dagger, a rainbow.

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