Object or Artifact

Physical Nature of this Object
Fire Transformation, transience, passion, destructive power
Basic Interpretation:
The mercurial hot flames hold all the power and essence of the Universe. Fire itself is the fundamental representative of the spark of creation, power, force and energy. It is a fundamental force; without direction but able to be channeled by those who wish to focus its power. The essence of this card is Power in its own right; raw, unchanneled energy that courses and flows like solar winds.
Aspect or History of this Object
The Thespian
The Thespian (Reversed) Snide pride, deceit, lies, illusion, unrealistic goals
Basic Interpretation:
The Thespian doffs her mask to the world, looking out from eyes that are never quite her own. Mirth, fury, fear and sadness are never for certain when dealing with this person, but it's usually just a harmless deceit. The Thespian may hide many things, or she may wear the truth in plain sight. It all depends on the play.

Object Suggestions: A torch, a brazier, coal, a wand, flint & steel.

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